Forex vs Binary. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both binary options and spot forex. We’ll touch upon a few and hopefully, you can determine which trading instrument may be right for your trading style.

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Max Risk

One of the great things about binary options trading is that you always know the exact maximum gain or loss in advance. The trader controls the premium at risk to enter the binary options trade, and that is the only amount that can absolutely be lost. Most binary options brokers even allow you to cut your max loss by “folding” your trades ahead of expiration after certain types of trade conditions have been met.

iqoption Forex vs Binary

In contrast, with spot forex, even with a stop-loss order set, you cannot be 100% certain that you will lose only the pre-calculated amount that you risked. While improbable, there’s always the chance that certain issues may affect your final max risk like slippage, lack of liquidity to execute a stop order at the desired price, a broker’s trading platform goes down, etc.

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Forex vs Binary

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