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IQ Option Broker – iOS app Review! The strengthening of regulation should change the industry of financial technologies in a very positive way, moving it into a completely legal trading zone around the world.  In any case, sophisticated regulation tools allow leaving only those companies, that are ready to offer a truly high-quality service to their customers.

IQ Option is without a doubt one such broker and their updated application for iOS is a vivid proof of that.

The incredible growth of the financial technology industry has become the forerunner of many new products, services, and innovations in the financial market. The rapid development of the binary options industry, as one of the fintech products, has led to the emergence of many unscrupulous market participants.

Recently, even Apple decided to take a stance against unfair representatives of the binary options industry. During this process, they began to implement a stricter regulation in the Appstore application market. As a result, it was decided to block all binary options applications.

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Such obstacles can slow many companies down and severely hamper unscrupulous brokers, but IQ Option is not the case.

In an attempt to distance itself from the “binary options broker” label, IQ Option launched an updated application with three completely new trading tools.

From now on, there are no more options in the application, their place was taken by more complex and profitable tools, such as CFD and Forex, Cryptocurrencies

And the cherry on the cake is the opportunity to invest in one of the most popular cryptocurrencies at the touch of a button. Now you have all the cutting edge financial instruments at your fingertips.

The updated version of the application hides 3 new derivatives. However, it’s still the same mobile IQ Option application, which was loved for its excellent design, user-friendly interface, and a whole array of neat features.

You can still use a variety of technical analysis tools, quickly switch between assets using tabs, close positions using the buyback function, and many other important trivialities that were time-tested.

Let’s take a closer look at the new financial instruments, and we’ll start with the CFD.

Contract For Difference is quite self-explanatory and it means a contract for the difference in prices.

This is a financial instrument that allows traders to invest in an asset without actually owning it. This means that the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the current price and the price at the “time of the contract.”

Also, this asset has a multiplier. A multiplier of 300x means that if the price of an asset grows by 1%, then your return on investment will increase by 300%, but with a multiplier, your position will lose in value much quicker if the price of an asset begins to fall.

But do not forget that all assets, including CFD, are so-called “protected assets”.

This means that in spite of the fact that the trader’s profit may at times exceed his initial investment, the user will never be able to lose more funds than the amount of his investment.

History knows a couple of examples, where traders would go bankrupt, due to the volatility of an asset. You can rest assured, that it won’t happen here.

Forex on the IQ Option platform differs very little from CFD, it can be said that the biggest difference between them is available assets: CFD allows traders to trade on a stock market, while forex allows trading in foreign exchange markets.

As with CFD, you can use a multiplier up to 1000x, there is also a spread, and forex also is a protected position, which means that even though there is an unlimited profit, you can not lose more than the amount of your investment.

And we’ve left the most interesting part for the end.

Cryptocurrency is perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened to the world of finance since its inception.

Like a virus, more and more people not only learn but also begin to invest and use crypto-currencies.

At the moment, cryptocurrencies are increasingly emerging in the news due to the fact that they show frightening dynamics of growth. In an attempt to protect the traditional fiat currencies Bitcoin is often referred to as a Bitcoin bubble, meaning it’s inevitable collapse.

However, many leading experts predict that the technology of blockchain and smart contracts will change the world in a way, that internet changed it, and we are yet to witness many other price records.

Now IQ Option traders have a simple opportunity to invest in the 6 of the most popular and promising cryptocurrencies at the touch of a button, thereby opening the position for the amount of the investment that will grow and fall in price correspondingly to the rate of the selected currency.

You can also close your position and claim your profits by simply pressing the “sell” button.

Given that the position you open has no expiration and can stay open literally for years, it is possible that this trading tool will become the most profitable.

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